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March 13, 2015

Maya Gold & Silver Reports 2014 Production and Provides 2015 Outlook



Maya Gold & Silver Inc.TSXV: MYA) reports its operational update on the Zgounder Silver Mine for the period of August 2014 to February 28th 2015 and provides outlook for 2015.

Intensive rainfalls and adverse cold weather have continued to affect the operation and chain of supplies in December 2014 and January 2015. Despite adverse conditions Zgounder Millenium Silver Mining (“ZMSM”) produced 512 kilos of silver ingots in December 2014 and 482 kilos in January 2015 while the more gentle weather in February contributed to improve production for a total pour of 783 kilos of silver ingots.

2014 Full Year Highlights
– July commencement of commissioning activities at the Zgounder;
– First silver pour on August 28th 2014;
– 3,746 kg of silver ingots produced from a total 20,665(*) tonnes at an average of 278(*) g/t Ag between August and December 2014, part of the ramp-up activities;
– Processing rates tonnes per day ranging from 50 to 188;
– 3,410 kg ingots were shipped to refiner in Switzerland for 3,331 kg fine silver 99.9% (107,102 ounces paid);
– Since the beginning of the start-up, the mill processed a total of 20,665(*) tonnes from a combination of mineralized material (mucking broken ore left in the stopes at level 2015 & 2035 by previous operator, blasting at level 2000 Corps D and from “ancient stockpile”);
ZMSM has achieved a declared production of 108,570 ounces in 3,140.310 kg ingots shipped for the payment of 107,102 ounces of pure silver 99.9% in its first start-up period. The average head grade was 278*g/t Ag and the mill recoveries* ranges from 57% to 84%.
*Note: approximation as uncertainty attached to November balance mechanical problems for tonnage and grade metal balance.
The table presents the details of the lots shipped, official production and refiner reception date with ounces paid.