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La Campana, Mexico (Au, Ag)

About La Campana

La Campana property is a promising mining site in a little explored area of the southern Sierra Madre Occidental Range on the border of the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Durango.

La Campana showing consists of a one kilometre-long structure oriented 255º dipping 75º to the NW. The main showing exposes a strongly altered Au and Ag mineralized breccia previously mined along a 20 metre-deep by 40 metre-high adit that reaches the top of a small hill. The entrance to the adit is roughly four metres wide and leads to exposures of brecciated andesitic rocks that show extensive sign of hematization and silicification, with subordinate epidotization.


The property is located 75 kilometres east of the city of Mazatlan on the banks of the Baluarte River.


No roads approach the site, and the final leg of the overland route must be completed by foot or horseback. It can be accessed easily by helicopter.