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Frameworks for Sustainability Reports

Aya embarked on its sustainability reporting journey in 2020, a landmark year for the Corporation due to the appointment of Benoit La Salle as new Chief Executive Officer and the new management team. In the first year, we carried out a detailed materiality assessment to identify the key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that were most likely to be considered material by our stakeholders. Our findings are presented in our inaugural 2020 Sustainability Report that establishes the ESG baseline for the Zgounder Silver Mine project expansion using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards: Core option.

In 2021, Aya began reporting on Onyen, the sustainability reporting software platform. Onyen helps companies better capture, monitor, benchmark, manage and report their ESG risks and opportunities with real-time reporting displayed on the Executive Dashboard and ESG Scorecards. With all relevant standards and frameworks built in, the platform generates auditable ESG reports for directors, CEOs, sustainability professionals, capital providers, rating agencies and regulators. The new reporting software enabled Aya to widen the scope of its reporting from material issues only to include broader ESG reporting that meets the increasing demands of stakeholders and the many reporting frameworks.

As a result, Aya’s sustainability reports are now compliant and aligned with the below reporting guidelines:


Aya 2022 ESG Report

2022 Sustainability Report (complement to 2022 ESG Report)

Rapport développement durable 2022 (French version of 2022 Sustainability Report)

Aya 2021 ESG Report

2020 Sustainability Report

Cautionary statement for ESG and sustainability reports: ESG reporting disclaimer


In February 2023, Aya closed a US$100 million project financing facility to support construction of the Zgounder Silver Mine expansion. The facility consisted of a US$92 million loan provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) and a US$8 million tranche (pari-passu with the EBRD) by the Climate Investment Funds through its Clean Technology Fund (“CTF”).

The following disclosures form part of the requirements outlined in the EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy and in the CTF’s conditional milestones:



Zgounder Environmental and Social Action Plan

Zgounder Environmental and Social Audit and Assessment – Non-technical summary

Zgounder Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan (French)

Zgounder Stakeholder Engagement Plan (French)

2023 Baseline and Socioeconomic Impact Report